5Dimes Withdrawal + Payout Methods

5Dimes Sportsbook easily ranks as one of our best sports betting sites, for a variety of different reasons. This is a sports betting site that has been around for more than two decades, so it's stood the test of time, and within that time, has grown into one of the largest and most successful sportsbooks in the industry. 5Dimes has their central location in Costa Rica, with one of the focal points of the betting site being players from the United States, so there is plenty of action available for those who are ready to go at it.

And when bettors win at 5Dimes, they receive payouts. The withdrawal portion of 5Dimes is very good, and gives players an easy process to navigate in order to get their winnings from the sportsbook account into their hands in as little time as possible, with as little fees as possible. Exactly what that entails is the main target of this page here, because SportsbookPayout.com wants to give our readers the best information on everything relating to the withdrawal process as a specific sportsbook.

How Long Do 5Dimes Payouts Take?

This depends on the nature of the withdrawal and the specific method that is selected. Each available payout at 5Dimes will have the steps to take from making the request to get a payout, to the cashier on site sending it, too it then reaching the bettor. 5Dimes has payout options that take just a few days, but then there are some that can be up to a couple weeks. All in all though, no matter what the method is, 5Dimes is very competitive with respect to time, and when it comes to different options, they might have one of the best available of any sportsbook.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods At 5Dimes

We think that you'll find 5Dimes payouts to be more than accommodating and that you would find at least one of the options to meet the needs that you are looking for. The types of payouts that are found can be seen below; beginning with one that might be our favorite of any sportsbook that we review.

Debit Card Funds Application - The DCFA is a payout option that lets money get paid out on your Visa or MasterCard debit card. It takes just 3-4 business days for the transaction to be complete. There is a minimum $100 payout that needs to be sufficed, with the maximum going up to $2,500 per transaction.

Courier Check - The check through a courier takes about seven business days to get to the bettor. There is a $1,000 minimum withdrawal amount for USA residents, up to $2,450 for each check that is sent to the player. There are different fees that go up as the check amount goes up, anywhere from $40 upwards of $80.

Money Order - Money orders can be sent out to players, with 5Dimes saying that it will take 24-48 hours after the request is made to get the money order on its way. The money order must be for at least $1,000, but can go all the way up to $9,500 which makes it a very high maximum amount and good for big players looking to make a big withdrawal.

Prepaid Cards - A prepaid card payout from 5Dimes takes 3 to 5 business days to be received by the account holder. There is a flat $25 fee that comes along with this particular payout, because it is only offered in one amount. Bettors must withdraw $2,500 in order to receive a payout through a prepaid card. However, 5Dimes offers one free withdrawal every 30 days from a user’s account. That means if bettors make one withdrawal utilizing the prepaid card service provided by 5Dimes they will not have to pay the $25 fee.

1500 Club - This type of payout works as a debit card capable of receiving payouts from 5Dimes' accounts. To use this option, enrollment in the 1500 Club is required. Users of the card are able to get up to $1500 in payments two times per week ($3,000 total). 1500 Club is a way to deposit and withdraw back and forth from 5Dimes as well. This is a safe and convenient way for 5Dimes users to receive payouts straight into their banking account which can then be used to directly pay for goods + services.

5Dimes Payout Fees

There are fees that come along with each of the payout methods found at 5Dimes' sports betting website. All of these fees will depend on how much that is being paid out. This is what's known as an escalator fee, with the amount raising the more money that is being sent the direction of the player. This is pretty standard practice though and not something that should be used as caution when looking at 5Dimes. The fact of the matter is that fees are a part of the sports betting withdrawal process. What makes 5Dimes nice though are the different choices afforded to the player, specifically the DCFA.

Other Stuff You Need To Know About 5Dimes' Sportsbook

5Dimes is probably the sportsbook that from a betting odds perspective is the No.1 ranked betting site that we review. This is the part of the page where other parts of 5Dimes are discussed, and you can bet that the odds found on the site are going to be a part of that, in addition to several more.

How To Join - The 5Dimes Sign Up Process

5Dimes has a signup page that requires every player no matter what country they are from to fill it out. Players will need to fill out the information on the page, and then the account can be created right away so that the next step in the process of depositing can then take place, which puts them right into the betting action. In total, expect it to take less than two minutes to finish.

Are U.S.A. Players Allowed To Bet At 5Dimes?

Players from the U.S. will be able to create an account at 5Dimes. This spans all 50 states. However, residents Washington, Maryland, and New York will be limited on their deposit methods, which will not be the Visa credit card option. Aside from that, USA players need to be at least 18 years old to legally bet on site.

5Dimes Deposit Methods - How To get Money Into Your Account

5Dimes doesn't exactly have the most deposit methods that you will come across, even for sportsbooks accepting USA players. But the one main deposit option that they have is a Visa card, which caters to a wide demographic of American residents with Visa being so popular. This means that Visa is the No.1 sportsbook deposit method on site, and that is true.

For those who don't have Visa, a money order is an accepted method for players from the U.S. Money orders are deposited into the sportsbook account of the player immediately after it is received by the cashier at 5Dimes.

5Dimes Sports Betting Bonuses & Requirements - Deposit + Reload Bonuses

The bonus program at 5Dimes allows for players to get up to $520 on their first deposit into the sportsbook. It's broken up into two parts though, with different amounts earning different percentages on a match.

This is a new player bonus in which the first deposit up to $400 will receive a 50 percent match, so a $200 bonus can be achieved. From there, the remaining amount on a deposit up to $2,000 will receive a 20 percent bonus, which would total an extra $320 for a grand total of $520. To qualify for the bonus, a minimum of $100 must be transferred the first time the user makes a deposit into 5Dimes.

What Does 5Dimes Offer To Bet On?

The expression that 'nothing's off limits' almost hold true when talking about betting odds at 5Dimes. You won't find a sportsbook that will offer more. This extends from game lines, through props, and on into futures wagers. The sheer number and volume of betting odds and the unique lines are enough to want to sign up at 5Dimes alone, even without the other top-rated services.

In terms of wager types, it's pretty standard as far as different bets like parlays, straight bets, and things of that nature. But the difference lies within the betting odds themselves and what payouts are formulated for different matchups.

5Dimes Sportsbook Support - How To Contact

There is a help center at 5Dimes Sportsbook that is there to answer many of the commonly asked questions regarding the sportsbook. But for those questions that might not be on there, 5Dimes also offers an email at info@5dimes.eu, or a live chat section that is right on your screen which will connect you to the next available customer service representative.

Bottom Line on 5Dimes's Online Sportsbook...

When talking about payout, 5Dimes has the option that we like the best, which is the Debit Card Funds application putting money right on the Visa and MasterCard debit card. Getting funds issued directly to your bank card doesn't get any better for a player from the United States - this method of payment makes using 5Dimes' online sportsbook very appealing.

Adding to that are the betting odds that are rated extremely high. All of the lines that are offered can be viewed without an account, so be sure to stop by and visit.