Most Trusted Sportsbooks

It can be frustrating, attempting to sort through the sea of online sports betting sites, looking for the most trusted sportsbooks. How can you even tell if a sportsbook is legitimate? There are definitely certain features that all of the most trusted sportsbooks have in common – certification, good customer service, and up to date security features are amongst the most important. In order to find out exactly what constitutes a safe sportsbook and to identify what makes a book the most trusted, we have put together this guide. Here, we list out the details that we believe to be paramount qualities that the most trusted sportsbooks have in common. We also recommend the safest and most legitimate sportsbooks available, for both USA and international players.


A Trusted Name Amongst Online Sports Bettors

BetOnline sportsbook has been online for nearly three decades, providing safe, trusted sports betting to players from all over the world, including residents from all over the United States. This book is based in Panama City, Panama, where it is licensed and regulated by a federal gaming commission. BetOnline has received top ratings from consumer watchdog groups throughout the years and has never received any complaints about its services.

When you sign up for BetOnline, you’ll find that you can wager on everything from major American and European events to things like eSport tournaments, darts, snooker, and other sports. You can also find betting lines on political and entertainment events. BetOnline sportsbook has three ways to contact their customer service reps, through email, several direct toll-free numbers, and live chat. This sportsbook also has nearly a dozen deposit and withdrawal methods for players to choose from. At BetOnline, you’ll have one of the best and most legitimate sportsbooks at your disposal.

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Exclusively Offering USA Players Legitimate Sports Betting

If you’re looking for a legitimate USA sportsbook that provides the best in sports betting while also keeping you informed and safe, look no further than Bovada sportsbook. This site is based in Canada and is owned by the Mohawk Morris Gaming Group, one of the most trusted names in online gaming. Bovada works exclusively with American bettors, so it is able to tailor its site and all that it offers towards legitimate USA sports betting.

At Bovada, you’ll be able to bet on everything, from individual NFL games to seasons as a whole. All of the major league sports in America are covered by Bovada, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also be able to bet on worldwide events like Premier League, Tennis, and so much more. Deposits and withdrawals can be made through several different methods. Payout speeds are faster at Bovada than they are at any other sportsbook. At Bovada, legitimate sports betting is the name of the game.

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One Of The Latest and Greatest In Legitimate Sports Betting has had a long history as an online sports betting site. This book has some of the best bonuses, a huge selection of sports to wager on, and friendly customer service representatives. They are licensed by the gaming commission of Panama and are actually owned by the same people who own BetOnline. SportsBetting was acquired by these owners just a few years ago, and since that acquisition, have quickly become one of the most trusted sportsbooks for USA players around.

This site offers several varied deposit methods for players to choose from, including two digital currencies, mail-in options, and card transactions. SportsBetting’s customer service can be reached via telephone or live chat. They use the latest and greatest in security technology, like an SSL encryption. SportsBetting values your privacy and protection above all else, so when you bet at this site, you know that you’re using a legitimate and trustworthy sports betting site.

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What Should I Look For In A Trusted Sportsbook?

Licensing and Certification

In the best case scenario, the online sportsbook you’re using needs to be licensed to be considered a trusted and legitimate USA online sportsbook. Gaming commissions are the authorities that give out sports betting licenses. Those located in Costa Rica, Panama, and Canada are amongst the most trusted sportsbook gaming commissions, as they have been around the longest and have the best record when it comes to legitimate sports betting sites. To make sure you’re signed up for one or more of the most trusted sportsbooks, make sure they’re licensed and regulated by a gaming commission in one of these countries.

Up To Date Security Features

Putting your personal information online can be nerve-wracking. So you want to make sure that the sportsbook you’re using has either firewalls or encryption technology in use when you are inputting your information. The most trusted sportsbooks will have an SSL enabled site. You can see this in action by looking at the left-hand corner of your search bar. There, you should see a lock in the “locked” position. This means that the book is protected and that any information that you are inputting is protected.

Competitive Lines

Having a licensed book goes a long way in determining if you are using a legitimate and safe betting site. Using a book with competitive lines is also important. You don’t want to use a site that doesn’t give you the best opportunities available. Having lines that can reasonably compete with other online sports betting sites means that the handicappers and oddsmakers are being fair, rather than just trying to get a profit. We recommend that online sports bettors shop their lines before placing their bets so that they have the most authentic and honest chance of winning their bet.

A Large Selection Of Sporting Events To Bet On

This works in the same vein as having competitive lines. A book needs to be able to offer a wide variety of sports, both major and minor, professional and collegiate. While most people will stick with what they know, having the option to branch out is important. That’s where a legitimate sportsbook will come in and have the option available. When you sign up for a book and it has coverage and betting lines on all of the major and minor events going on in the sports world, you can know that it is a safe and trusted sportsbook.

Variety in Banking – Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Methods knows one big sign that you are using a legitimate sports betting site is their ability to offer more than one deposit and withdrawal method. A sportsbook should offer choices when it comes to banking. Having deposit methods that allow the use of different mediums, like the choice between a card or mailing a check, is paramount. When a book only has one deposit and one withdrawal method, you should consider that suspect. Multiple, reputable banking options show that the site can be trusted.

Fast, Friendly, Efficient Customer Service

Using an online sports betting site in order to make bets is very convenient and in many ways, much simpler than using a betting window at a land-based sportsbook. That being said, there can be some problems that arise. If this does happen, you’ll want to know that you’ll be able to get ahold of someone who can help. Legitimate and trusted sportsbooks will have two, if not more ways for you to reach the customer service representatives. Customer Service should be reachable 24/7. There should be a toll-free number, an email address, and even a live chat feature.