Bank Check Sportsbook Payouts

Checks have long been a dependable method of getting money to people without outright handing it to them. Being one of the most secure ways to transfer money it is no small wonder that sportsbooks take full advantage of this convenient method to get funds. While the paper itself has no value, financial institutions around the world accept checks. Essentially a check is like a personal bill that can only be redeemed by the person whose name is on the check. The amount it is worth is equal to what the sender writes on the check meaning huge sums of money can be put onto a check. For sports betting it is no different, the company that owns the betting site writes a check to you that you can then cash or deposit into a bank account.

If you are interested in learning the intricacies of using checks to withdraw from online sports betting sites then continue reading. The staff here at has outlined information on the benefits of this method as well as who it works for, and sites where you may use this method to withdraw.

Do Paper Checks Work For USA Sportsbook Withdrawal?

Checks not only work for USA players, but it is one of the most reliable methods available. Due to US betting laws many other methods have to undergo strict monitoring of where funds are going, however the nature of a check that you would use to receive payout from a sportsbook makes it impossible to tell where it originated from. They cannot question who is transferring the money to you and must accept it when you wish to deposit your payout. In addition for anyone who is having trouble depositing their check, most sites have a help line available 24/7 that will help anyone who is having trouble.

Pros + Cons of Using Checks To Get Money Out Of Sportsbooks

Lowest Fees: When getting your payout you will find the speed of delivery often correlates with the sportsbook withdrawal fees associated depending on which betting site is consulted. As such when you chose to be sent a check with your payout it will take a while to get to you and as such will have a very low fee compared to other methods that are nominally faster.

Widely Available: Another nice touch to checks is that they are always available. No matter how many times you have withdrawn recently you can still takeout more money with checks unless it goes expressly against site rules. This helps those that may need some quick cash.

Friendly Withdrawal Limits: One of the most overlooked benefits to using paper checks for withdrawals are the transfer limits which work for both highrollers and casual bettors. Most sportsbooks allow payments as low as $100 or less or up to several thousand dollars at a time.

Takes Time To Receive + Credit: The biggest downside for checks is perhaps the most obvious in that it is simply slower than most other methods. It must be sent through the mail, usually from another country, and that is only on business days that it arrives within a week.

Potential For Getting Lost In The Mail: While the check itself will never be declined there is always the chance it will be lost in the mail. The US mail service is not well known for delivering every package ever sent through the service. Even if you use a more reliable shipper there is still the chance it will get lost.

Sportsbooks That Use Checks To Pay Players

While finding a sportsbook that accepts checks is by no means a tough endeavor, finding a good sportsbook can be a little trickier. For this reason, below will be listed out a couple of sports betting sites that are both excellent in quality and also offer the ability to get paid with a check.

Bovada Sportsbook

If we are talking quality then Bovada has got it in spades. They have long been one of the best all-around sportsbook and from the very beginning have accepted checks both for depositing into sportsbooks as well as getting money out. Requesting payout will often incur a fee but with Bovada the first withdrawal of the month is free at Bovada. Dependable and fun, you will find that this sports betting site caters to all your betting needs.

How Long Do Bovada Check Payouts Take?

When using a check to receive payout from Bovada it will typically take about a week to arrive. It can only be shipped on weekdays though so keep the day in mind.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is currently considered one of the top betting sites in the whole world, so if you want to make sure you are betting with the best then go here. They offers some of the best bonuses in the business and do it without sacrificing the important options. They offer not only withdrawal through bank checks but deposits as well in case you would prefer to use them for both.

How Long Do BetOnline Check Payouts Take?

BetOnline wants to make sure that no matter how you request payout, it is easy and convenient. For those that don’t like waiting for your payout to arrive BetOnline offers differing speeds to send the check with, one of which being express which will often take only 4-7 business days to ship but know the faster delivery systems often charge the user higher fees.

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Check Sportsbook Withdrawals - Slow But Very Reliable + Trusted

Checks, while not the quickest sportsbook payout method available to receive money with, are often the most reliable and certainly the most widely offered of any type of payout. Some sites only offer checks for payout, though many offer more options for the convenience of the customer.

In general the check will arrive within a week it is requested and any one in the US can use it. While there are some downsides like the slow speed, the benefits are a reliable payout method that is often insured in some way by the site that will help with any problems with depositing your payout. Even better is most sites will not require any extra steps to request payout checks, which will save you some grief with paper work.