Debit Card Sportsbook Payouts

Many people that participate in sports betting already use their debit or credit card to deposit on the site, so it would seem convenient to be able to receive payment through it too. While not every site offers this method of payout you can find it here and there. It functions very similarly to a bank wire but it goes through your debit card rather than your bank account. While the result is essentially the same it does have different benefits and drawbacks.

BetOnlineIf you are interested in learning about the differences between these payouts and other similar ones like bank wires than continue scrolling down the page where is going to break down how to request them, the fees associated with them and the time you can expect to wait for them.

Do Sportsbook Payouts To Debit Cards Work For USA Players?

Debit card sportsbook payments can be issued to U.S. residents when the user's bank allows fund to be re-credited to debit accounts from overseas accounts. Any online sportsbook that users debit card refunds as a form of payout will have detailed information about any snag points that users should keep in mind.

Pros + Cons of Bitcoin Sports Betting Payouts

Fast Payout: Debit card payouts are generally processed quickly, usually varying based on your banks policies. On average you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 5 days to receive your payout in your bank account. Requesting the payout shouldn’t take more than about 30 minutes either.

Small Fees: Debit cards require much smaller fees than most other methods of payout. Typically you can expect to pay about $75 to $100 dollars on fees. However at most you will only pay $40 dollars for debit card funding for the highest amount you can request.

As far as any cons are concerned, there aren’t really many downsides to receiving your funds through your debit card. You get the payout quickly and for a small fee. While there is a little sign up it won’t generally be more than any other quick or convenient method.

Sportsbooks That Issue Payment To Debit Cards

While it is a very convenient method of receiving payout there is the unfortunate fact that many sites just haven’t embraced it the same way they have accepted debit cards as a sportsbook deposit option. You will be hard pressed to find a site that offers this kind of payout as many simply don’t want to go through the work of dealing with banks to work it out. However you will still find a few here and there that will be willing to go the extra mile to make things easier on their customers.

Debit Card Betting Withdrawals - A Great Option When It Works

Debit card payouts are a convenient and fast method of payout for people who already use a bank card frequently and aren’t comfortable with giving out their bank information. All US residents can use this method of payout and in general there are a lot of benefits to using this method over others. It is faster than others and the fees are remarkably small for how fast it is. The sign up can take a bit as you will need to fill out a fund application and also reply to a confirmation e-mail to ensure you sign up correctly. If you do not than you are going to be charged a fee. Also if you don’t check your banks policies on debit card funding or use an incorrect form of card than you can end up causing the payment to go non-posted or otherwise unavailable. This will possibly take up to 90 days to fix.