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Super Bowl 55 Betting at BovadaBovada Sportsbook ranks highly in a variety of aspects relating to online sports betting. Bovada caters to thousands of bettors, many of which are account holders from the United States. Bovada is an online sportsbook that allows American players to set up an account, as it is legal for them to do so. This is because Bovada is not a U.S.-based sportsbook, and there does not violate federal laws. It's one of the most popular sports betting sites in the world and for good reason.

One of the big reasons Bovada's online sportsbook is among the best is specific to payouts is due to the fact that sports betting sites that pay their account holders out winnings fast tend to get good marks on the stat sheet. Happy players continue to return, and Bovada has plenty of happy players. The main focus on this page is to highlight the sportsbook payouts available at this sportsbook along with other general aspects of the site.

How Long Do Bovada Payouts Take?

There are two processes involved in determining how long a Bovada payout takes. The first consideration is processing time. All online sportsbooks allot a certain window of time for requests to be approved and processed. It is important to take the processing speed into consideration when estimating how long it will take to receive your payout.

The second consideration is the actual delivery speed. This is the amount of time that it takes your Bovada payout to reach your account or doorstep after being processed. With both processing time and delivery speed considered, Bovada payouts do not take long to receive. While some sportsbooks can take over a month to deliver a payout, even the “slowest” withdrawal method at Bovada only takes about 2 weeks.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods At Bovada

While there are not a wide variety of sportsbook withdrawal methods at Bovada, this is because they prefer to stick to the method that work. Currently, the two payout options are bitcoin and paper checks. This gives an option for those that prefer electronic payment delivery, and an option for those that prefer a more traditional method. Both of these withdrawal methods are ideal for American bettors because neither directly involves having to provide banking account information.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bitcoin - The cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular online sportsbook withdrawal methods. Bitcoin transactions are 100% secure and it also comes with the highest withdrawal limit of any method.Read more about Bitcoin sportsbook payouts here.

Check By Courier - The oldest and most trusted withdrawal method across all American sports betting sites. The sportsbook will send a paper check that can be deposited directly into your bank account.

Bank Wire - Though bank wires are not one of the active methods for Bovada payouts, the sportsbook has offered them in the past. Your payout will be sent directly to the bank account that you specify to the online cashier.

Person to Person - Bovada will occasionally allow bettors to collect their winnings via a person to person method. Person to Person transfers often include MoneyGram, Western Union, and other money transfer providers. The online cashier will send the money to their preferred provider, and you can pick it up from any retail location. The maximum withdrawal amount is typically no more than a couple hundred dollars, but can vary.

Bovada Payout Fees

Bovada Withdrawal FeesThe Bovada payout fees do vary with the method and are subject to change. The perk of using Bovada is that you can take advantage of one free payout per month - that means that $50 charge for check withdrawals is out the window! If you plan your Bovada payouts accordingly, you can request withdrawals without ever having to pay extra fees. Bovada is also subject to adding or changing the available sportsbook withdrawal options, meaning this discount could be used on other methods that may be introduced in the future.

How Often Can Bovada Users Receive Sportsbook Payouts?

How often a Bovada user can receive a sportsbook payout depends on the particular method that they choose. The current options for Bovada payouts are bitcoin and check by courier. You can request a BTC payout once every five days, while checks can be requested once every seven days. With these timeframes in place, it is important to consider how much and how often you will need to make withdrawals before initiating a request.

Other Stuff You Need To Know About Bovada's Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook is not just highly thought of because of the payout options. This betting site makes it easy for players to join, offers some great incentives, and of course features a wide variety of betting lines for players to take advantage of.

How To Join - The Bovada Sign Up Process

BovadaThe process to create an account at Bovada is about as easy as any sign up process can be. All that is required is some information on the 'Join Now' page such as name, address, state of residence, date of birth, and a new login to be created to store your account information in. There is no cost associated with joining Bovada nor is there any monthly or annual fee for holding the account.

Are U.S.A. Players Allowed To Bet At Bovada?

USA players are welcome to create accounts at Bovada. There are a few stipulations to be aware of though. This is specific to four states, in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada. New Bovada accounts are not accepted from there states. Residents In all other states are able to sign up at Bovada and join. Bovada is a legal sports betting option for American players to utilize.

Bovada Deposit Methods - How To get Money Into Your Account

Depositing is equally as important as making a withdrawal. Users will notice some similarities between the funding and pay out methods on site. This is specific to the two rapid transfers in Western Union and MoneyGram. Both are accepted methods. But the most popular method to make a deposit is the Visa card option. Visa credit, debit, prepaid, and gift cards are all accepted at Bovada.

Deposit methods are instantly funded into your Bovada account upon receipt. Visa deposits are instant transfers, while a rapid transfer could take a couple hours to be received by Bovada customer service.

Bovada Sports Betting Bonuses & Requirements - Deposit + Reload Bonuses

This sports betting website offers new users a free bet up to $250 when they join Bovada and make that first deposit into their account. This is a 50 percent addition to the initial deposit so a $500 deposit would be needed in order to obtain the maximum $250 in free play that is available.

There is a 3X rollover requirement for the sportsbook, which means that the deposit amount plus the free bet amount will need to be played three times to be taken out. The free bet option is good for 30 days after your first bet is made. Only U.S. bettors are eligible to receive the free bet bonus option.

What Does Bovada Offer To Bet On?

BovadaBovada has sports bettors feeling like a kid in a candy shop with the different sports and wager types that can be bet here. The crop of sports that is available includes all of the leagues that are in the United States - both professional and collegiate can be wagered on. This is highlighted by the NFL and college football sections, the two most popular on site. But the NBA and MLB sections get plenty of play. That is certainly not all, as we recommend you visit Bovada to see all that is offered.

From the perspective of what wagers can be made, Bovada doesn't want to limit their players and offers some great bets. Certainly this will be led by straight wagers, but other bets like a parlay, teaser, and pleaser can be wagered as well. Parlays are the second-most popular wager made on site, to the straight bet.

Bovada Sportsbook Support - How To Contact

Bovada offers a general support phone number for sportsbook questions, which is 1-888-263-0000. Outside of that, fill out an online contact form that can be found on the 'Contact Us' page on the home screen by clicking the link. Bovada is there to answer any and all questions or concerns for prospective players and current players.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bottom Line on Bovada's Online Sportsbook...

Bovada is truly one of the best sportsbooks that you can go with. From the moment the account is created, through the payout process, it is first rate. Bovada's users can expect to have their payouts very quickly, regardless of the method chosen. Players are very satisfied, which is why Bovada is one of the most popular sports betting sites in the world.

Bovada Payout FAQ's

How Many Payout Options Does Bovada Offer?

There are currently two options for Bovada payouts, both of which are reliable. You can choose between bitcoin or check by courier depending on your personal preference. Bovada does update their banking options periodically, so additional methods may be offered in the future.

Can I Use Paypal For Payouts?

You cannot use PayPal for Bovada payouts due to certain conditions. PayPal has a strict policy against their services being used for any type of gambling, including online sports betting. That is why Bovada offers other withdrawal methods, with bitcoin being the most similar. Just like PayPal, the digital bitcoin currency makes it easy to send and receive funds.

Does Bovada Charge A Fee For Payouts?

Bovada does charge a fee for certain payout methods, such as paper checks. To help cut costs for players, Bovada does offer a one free payout per month program where bettors can cash out without fees. If you play your cards right and stick to one payout per month, you can avoid paying fees altogether. You can always verify fees on the “Withdraw” page of your account.

What Is The Withdrawal Limit At Bovada?

The withdrawal limits at Bovada correspond to the particular payout method. With Bovada check withdrawals, the minimum is $50 while the maximum is $3,000. Bovada bitcoin payouts have a $20 minimum and a $9,500 maximum. When you initiate your withdrawal from your dashboard, the cashier will also provide you with your limits.

Do I Have To Validate My Info Before Withdrawing?

Yes, you will need to validate your account information before a withdrawal is processed. This is not only to make sure that your funds are sent to the correct location, but also to protect your account. Bovada prides itself on 100% secure banking transactions, and validating your information helps to keep your account safe.

Do I have To Use The Same Method For A Payout That I Used To Deposit?

Generally, your withdrawal will be processed in the same method that your deposit was made. There are exceptions, such as when your deposit is made with a credit card or other option unavailable for withdrawal. In these instances, you can speak to customer service via live chat or telephone to verify your withdrawal options.

If I Want To Use My Winnings To Play Blackjack Instead Of Getting A Payout, Can I?

Yes, you can absolutely use your winnings to play blackjack at Bovada. The site is a one-stop-shop for gaming, and you can easily take your Bovada payouts to the blackjack table and vice versa. All of this can be done with the same account, making it easy to switch between the casino, sportsbook, or even the racebook.