Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players

Before you begin looking for the speediest sportsbook payout, you should probably know about what makes these online betting sites legal. On this page, we’ll go over what makes sportsbooks that accept USA players legal. We’ll also go over where the future of sports betting in the US is going. In addition to the sports betting laws that govern the US, we also make recommendations for the best online sportsbooks that accept USA players. They are legal, safe, easy to use, and have some incredible features, so be sure to check them out. 

Are Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players Legal?

Yes, sportsbooks that accept USA players are legal to use and play at, so long as they are located overseas. This is due to several federal laws that have been passed in the United States over the years that limit how and where sports betting can be done. The first of these was passed in the 1960’s, as a part of a series of anti-racketeering laws. It is called the Wire Act, and it prevents bets from crossing over state lines by making it unlawful for anyone to accept bets placed over a telecommunications device. This came about while states were having a hard time keeping residents from placing bets at Nevada sportsbooks. The Wire Act is what keeps residents of one state from betting at books located in another state because there is no one to take their wager.

The second sports betting law in the US is called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, PASPA. Signed into law in 1992, PASPA prevents 46 states in the US from regulating sports betting. There are four states that have remained exempt from this law, due to the fact that they had already legalized sports betting in some form or fashion prior to 1992. Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon can all offer the same sports betting that they had legalized prior to 1992, but only Delaware and Nevada still offer betting. Nevada is the only state able to offer betting on single games across all sports; Delaware can only offer NFL parlay cards during the football season.

Finally, there is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, UIGEA. This law might make it sound like it is illegal to use sportsbooks that accept USA players, but it doesn’t. Instead, the UIGEA is nothing more than a banking regulation. Language in the law can be described as vague at best, but from what we were able to get out of it is that online gambling businesses are not allowed to accept wagers or process transaction initiated by US players. Unfortunately for lawmakers, the UIGEA does not have the authority to enforce US law on foreign businesses. So online, offshore sportsbooks don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the UIGEA and remain safe to use.

What does fall under the UIGEA is the banking aspect of online gambling. As US banks are used to process deposits made using certain methods, they are inclined to decline these payments under federal law. It doesn’t mean that you’re breaking the law when your payment gets declined. Rather, it just means you have to find a different deposit method. The UIGEA effects credit cards and bank wire transfers most commonly and has prevented eWallets from doing business with US players. Prepaid cards can be used to replace credit card transactions, and paper checks can be used instead of wire transfers at sportsbooks that accept USA players.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players

There are online sportsbooks, and then there are the best online sportsbooks. There are hundreds of site that take US bettors, but the absolute best have a certain standard of quality and a better offering. Those books are listed here, on this page. Not only are they sportsbooks that accept USA players, they are books that have multiple deposit methods, welcome bonuses, free play credits, a wide variety of wager types, and of course, the fastest sportsbook payouts of any online book. Each is unique, so if you can’t make up your mind, I’d say sign up for multiple accounts. There’s no harm in having more than one sportsbook and so many benefits.

Bovada Sportsbook

Exclusively Accepting USA players

One of the biggest names in online sports betting is most assuredly Bovada. This online sports betting site works exclusively with American bettors, providing an experience like none other. When you first create an account with Bovada, you are eligible for a 100% match bonus up to $250. If you use bitcoin as your deposit method, you can earn up to $500 in welcome bonuses, as Bovada is one of the leading bitcoin sportsbooks that accept USA players.

Bitcoin has all of the latest and greatest tools you need to have a successful and entertaining sports betting experience. You have live betting, a completely interactive site that allows you to easily keep track of everything on your hovering bet slip, and an auto-refresh function that keeps their odds as up to date as possible. Bovada’s mobile betting site is identical to their computer interface, so you don’t have to relearn where anything is. At Bovada, you’ll be able to bet on whatever you’d like from wherever you are whenever you’d like. This truly is one of the best sportsbooks that accept USA players.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Mobile Sports Betting

When you’re looking for a safe, easy to use sportsbook that accepts US players, you definitely need to take a look at BetOnline. This sportsbook has been operating for nearly three decades out of the Republic of Panama. Licensed and regulated by a gaming commission, this site is not only one of the safest and most trustworthy sites on the market, it is also one with the most to offer American bettors. Not only is there a full selection of sports to wager on across the world, but they also have a mobile betting site.

This site allows you to do everything that you would on the computer. It is browser-based, so there’s no risk that it will be incompatible with your phone’s operating system. Accessible from smartphones or tablets, BetOnline allows you to bet on sports no matter where you happen to be. There’s even a bonus for trying out the mobile site for the first time, allowing you to make a $50 risk-free bet. On this site, you can bet on sports all over the world no matter where you happen to be, as BetOnline accepts residents from all 50 states.

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Best Bonuses For USA Bettors

There’s so much that goes into choosing a sportsbook other than fast payouts and whether or not they accept USA players. That’s why we recommend SportsBetting sportsbook. This site has so many cool features, like live betting, a stats center, and incredible bonuses for every occasion. When you first sign up with, you are eligible to receive a deposit bonus wherein the book will match 75% of whatever you deposit, up to $1,000.

In addition to this, you’ll have promotions that offer free play credits for trying the mobile site and the live betting feature. They’ll also offer seasonal bonuses as well, like reduced juice on NHL games and MLB dime lines that go up higher than any other online sports betting site. When it comes time to collect these bonuses, SportsBetting offers nearly a dozen different banking options to choose from, including bitcoin and checks by courier. Everything about SportsBetting is geared towards providing the absolute best betting experience for USA players, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Safe?

All of the federal laws mentioned above only target the person taking the bet or the person operating a sportsbook. There is nothing in any of the federal US laws that prevent betting on sports. Online, offshore sportsbooks fall outside of the jurisdiction of these federal laws because they are located in other countries. In those countries, they are subject to the regulations and quality standards set by the government and controlled by gaming commissions. These sites are incredibly safe to use because they are licensed, legal in their countries, and have years of quality, reputable service to back up their claims, not to mention the best sportsbook payouts around. So when you find sportsbooks that accept USA players, you know they are safe to use, no matter what state you live in.

Future Of Sports Betting In The US

To date, sports betting in the US is undergoing a number of changes. At the time of this writing, there is a bill in the US House of Representatives that is aiming to repeal PASPA for four years, so that states can regulate sports betting on their own terms. The State of New Jersey is also appealing to the Supreme Court of the United States to hear their case against PASPA. It has been ruled against at every level of federal court, however, and the acting Solicitor General has just published his brief recommending that SCOTUS not hear the appeal.

The Future of legal sports betting in the US online, however, is brighter than ever. Online sportsbooks that accept USA players are still going strong, as they do not violate federal law and only a handful of states have passed legislation that prevents online gambling. Bettors who enjoy wagering on their favorite sporting event are more than able to log on to a site today, create an account, and start betting. These sites are safe, regulated, and legal under current laws.

FAQ's About Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players

How old do I need to be to bet sports in the United States?

This will actually vary from state to state. It is usually either 18 or 21, so if you’re over 21, you’re in good shape. To collect all the information, you’ll want to consult your state’s laws. The legal betting age will usually coincide with whatever the legal casino gambling age in your state is.

What is the penalty for underage sports betting?

Not only will you have the law who could hand down steep fines to deal with, but if an online sportsbook finds you have created a fraudulent account to bet underage, there will be steep penalties. First of all, your account will be deleted, then, any funds including winnings will be seized. This means that any bet you won will have been won in vain, just don’t bet underage!

Are Americans allowed to used credit/debit cards to deposit?

Yes, but there may be complications. Remember that these are offshore sites, so your credit card must have the ability to process overseas transaction. Despite all this, there is still a chance your deposit may not go through, but this is exactly why many sportsbooks accept various deposit methods.

Why can't Americans just receive payouts their credit cards?

Unfortunately due to federal laws governing internet betting, legal US sports betting sites are unable to process payouts via credit card. Other options like paper checks and cash transfer services like Western Union will work just fine.

What is the fastest payout method for USA players?

This is going to vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but a quick visit to Western Union can have cash in your hand within a few hours. However, speed is not everything when it comes to your sportsbook payout. In order to incur lower fees, many players prefer to have their payouts mailed to them in the form of a check.