WagerWeb Withdrawal + Payout Methods

Prior to selecting a sportsbook to sign up with, it's recommended that bettors review several in the process. One of these should definitely be WagerWeb Sportsbook. The sportsbook at WagerWeb gives players some of the top services that most should be searching for in their quest to find a betting site that fits them. WagerWeb has a lot of things to offer bettors, but SportsbookPayout.com wants to give the best information on how withdrawals can be made on site for bettors to get their money.

This review is primarily dedicated to the different payout services and choices that WagerWeb has to offer account holders that choose to go with them. WagerWeb is an American friendly sports betting site, so the methods you will read about can all be used by bettors from the United States. WagerWeb is one of the top American sports betting sites in the industry, so we cover come other relevant information about the sportsbook as well.

How Long Do WagerWeb Payouts Take?

There are three different WagerWeb payout options that are offered on site, of which two of them take less than two days to get the winnings to the players. And even the third method doesn't take very long, typically within seven business days. Specific to speed though, it's the electronic wire transfers that are going to be the fastest, which are Western Union and MoneyGram. The other option is a courier check that can be mailed out to the bettor. On the whole, WagerWeb payouts are as fast as any other sports betting site that you come across for American sports bettors.

Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods At WagerWeb

We mentioned that there are three types of sportsbook payouts that bettors are able to receive from WagerWeb. Below we will go into a bit more detail because there is important information that should be known about the process for each, complete with time, fees, and other variables like the withdrawal amounts offered.

Check By Courier - A check through a courier is offered at WagerWeb, but the minimum of $1,000 is pretty high to cash out. A payout fee of $65 is assessed for this type of payout, which can take 7-10 business days to be received.

Western Union - The Western Union transfer gets to players within 12-36 hours so there isn't a very long waiting period at all. There is a maximum of $800 per transaction per day that can be received. The payout fees depend on how much the withdrawal is, which can be anywhere from $50 to $80.

MoneyGram - The MoneyGram transfer takes the same amount of time as the Western Union option but the difference lies within the maximum withdrawal of $550 per day. The fees are the same so the ratio of fees to amount sides with Western Union slightly.

WagerWeb Payout Fees

The fee portion of WagerWeb is important to pay attention to, because you want to know exactly how much you will have to give when you are making your withdrawal. The courier check is a flat fee regardless of the amount. It's the Western Union and MoneyGram options where the fees can change. The more you withdraw, the higher the fee. This is not a process that is unique to WagerWeb though. This will be something that is consistent with any sportsbook that has either of these wire transfer methods as available options to their bettors for a payout.

Other Stuff You Need To Know About WagerWeb's Sportsbook

Sportsbook payouts are important to WagerWeb, but so too are other aspects of the betting site. In an effort to produce a broader scope of the sports betting site, we go over some of the other sections that you will come into contact with such as signing up, depositing, bonuses, betting odds available, and more.

How To Join - The WagerWeb Sign Up Process

While some might be under the impression that joining a sportsbook like WagerWeb might cost money and be time consuming since it's based offshore, it's actually not true at all. In fact, you will spend much more time reading this section than you would when registering for a new WagerWeb account. In fact, maybe a paragraph or two reading will be the time you spend to create your new WagerWeb account. Your approval is instant, and your login and password are created right by you and verified through email.

Are U.S.A. Players Allowed To Bet At WagerWeb?

USA players will find that WagerWeb is more than accommodating to them, as they accept players in all 50 states. WagerWeb operates outside of the U.S., which ironically enough makes them able to accept players from the United States legally. WagerWeb is not subject to federal sports betting laws for online gambling site operation and with no federal laws against betting online, USA players are good to go.

WagerWeb Deposit Methods - How To get Money Into Your Account

WagerWeb might be one of the best for making a deposit into the sportsbook from the standpoint of USA players. That's because they have a nice variety. Most bettors will notice that both Visa and American Express credit cards are accepted. These will be the go-to methods for most of the account holders, but outside of those are Western Union and MoneyGram transfer options.

One of the unique deposit methods for players will be what's called an EZ-Voucher. This voucher is purchased through Paste and Pay, and then transferred over into WagerWeb. Bettors need the 36-digit pin number that comes along with this. It's pretty easy to use and a good way for those who prefer not to use a credit card.

WagerWeb Sports Betting Bonuses & Requirements - Deposit + Reload Bonuses

The bonuses that can be found at WagerWeb span a few different general options, but within those choices are even more specific bonuses that bettors can take. It starts with the fact that the bonuses are broken up by depositing. If you deposit with a credit card you have certain eligibility for bonuses, and for other methods the same is true.

Bettors can earn up to 100 percent on a deposit bonus up to a maximum of $1,000 when they choose to deposit with methods other than a credit card. For credit cards, bettors can get up to a 50 percent bonus matching a deposit where the maximum amount is $300.

What Does WagerWeb Offer To Bet On?

Sports betting odds are the first thing that most will check at WagerWeb, and they should be more than satisfied at what is found on site. This includes a full stock of American sports and leagues like the NFL, NBA, college football, and more.

Game lines can be found for all sports, as can a variety of different prop betting lines. And what bettors can do with the betting odds fond include many different wagers that can be made. Whether you stick with the traditional straight wager, or go with something like a parlay, WagerWeb will have you covered.

WagerWeb Sportsbook Support - How To Contact

For a specific phone number for payouts at WagerWeb, call 1-888-464-2387 where all of you questions are answered. Outside of that though, customer support through email at cs@wagerweb.ag or through a live chat on site are other routes to go as well.

Bottom Line on WagerWeb's Online Sportsbook...

WagerWeb could use a couple more deposit options outside of the wire transfers, because there are other check choices that can be sent. In terms of deposits it doesn't get much better. On the whole though, WagerWeb is definitely one of our favorite sportsbooks and one you should review and take a look at when deciding where to go.