NETeller Sportsbook Payouts

NETeller is very close to the European version of PayPal. It is essentially an online wallet from which you can pay for transactions with a bit more protection than just providing your credit card info. It is accepted at most sports betting sites across Europe and is quickly gaining popularity for its ease of use.

If you want to find out more about NETeller and how you can use it for sports betting then continue reading for pros and cons as well as some info about how long payouts take and fees.

Does NETeller Work For USA Sportsbook Payouts?

Though NETeller is primarily a European service there are a limited few sites in the US that will accept NETeller given that PayPal will have nothing to do with sports betting sites that accept US bettors. It isn’t always likely you will find a US site but you can find them, if you can't find a US NETeller sportsbook you like you can use another sportsbook withdrawal method.

Pros and Cons of NETeller Sportsbook Withdrawals

Faster than Average: Payouts with NETeller are often much quicker than traditional methods of sportsbook payout and will be deposited to your NETeller account within the day you request it. Many other methods will often take a week or longer and this has much less of a chance to get lost.

Low Payout Fees: Another advantage to using NETeller is that it will cost you considerably less than most other methods when you request payout. On average most sites expect fees of upwards of $75 dollars, but for NETeller payouts it will only cost you about $20.

Lmited US Availablity: There aren’t really any negatives to using NETeller other than US bettors have limited access. If you already use the service or are looking for a convenient way to deposit and receive payout from their online sports betting sites. You will either like the service or dislike it and there are many other payout methods that can be used.

Sportsbooks With NETeller Payouts

Given its ease and low price of use, NETeller is already accepted on many popular European sports betting sites. Still it wouldn’t hurt to know of a few of the biggest and best names available.

NETeller Sportsbook Payouts are fast and widely acepted online

If you are looking for a quick way to move funds on and off of your sports betting account then NETeller can be a good way to do that. They are similar to PayPal in that rather than entering your information directly onto a site you can pay using NETeller though they act as a separate account with separate money. The upsides are that your payouts are almost instant and in most cases the withdrawal fees are going to be minimal. It is also helpful that sign up is quick for this payout option as you only need to supply your account information.